Book Design


Phasmid Saving the Lord Howe Island Stick Insect Kelly and Rose designed this book for CSIRO Publishing; their first children’s book. The book features stunning illustrations by Coral Tulloch. Phasmid required careful text arrangement and font selection to make it easy for children to read. Phasmid tells the remarkable story of the rediscovery and rescue of

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Feathered Dinosaurs

Feathered Dinosaurs This project for CSIRO Publishing was a delight to work on. Kelly and Rose designed the cover and text pages and typeset the book and prepared for print. The amazing illustrations are the feature of this book and each species was given a double page spread to enable full viewing.  Schouten, an acclaimed

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Borne on the Wind

Borne on the Wind Borne on the Wind is the compelling autobiography of English artist Mary Fairburn. Mary has led an extraordinary life: from camping with lions in the Serengeti to volunteering at Mother Teresa’s ‘Home for the destitute and dying’ in Kolkata, which she relates in a humorous, thoughtful and engaging way. Kelly and Rose

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